My name is Taylor aka TIPSBYTAY.

I went to York University and got my Kinesiology B.Sc Degree and an Athletic Therapy Certificate. I then, later on, decided to expand my knowledge and expertise by taking several Cupping Therapy Certificate courses along with FST courses. 

I have been an athlete all my life so sports and athletics are very important to me. I decided to study athletic therapy because I knew I wanted to work with athletes and people who are physically active and enjoy fitness. Growing up I was involved with many sports such as Taekwondo (2ND degree Black Belt), CSL and OSL soccer, Basketball, and Football. Currently, I am pursuing Bodybuilding competitively and dedicating myself to it

I decided to start my own Business TIPSBYTAY because I wanted to be the go-to Muscle Therapist that people reached out to. I personally was having trouble finding a good therapist that could understand me being a bodybuilder athlete myself. Which is why I decided to promote my business within the fitness industry and sport athletes because I can relate to them and understand when they describe me their injuries and know how important it is for them to return to training and/or games.

If you have a question regarding anything TIPSBYTAY or personal questions don't hesitate to message me.